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Wednesday 04/09/2014 #1165

Headlights & LockNut @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Itís spring, itís finally getting warm out and Locknut and Headlights are in the mood for a SUPER FUN HASH. What does that mean, you ask? For Locknut, this means an extraordinary (and borderline dangerous) adventure that of course is not complete without a death bridge of death. For Headlights this means letís have lots of beers on trail and go have a great time at the On-After. So guess what Ė you get to enjoy the best of both worlds because not only do we have an interesting trail in store for you, and of course there will be lots to drink, AND we have KARAOKE for the on-after. Right on-on! Where: Meet in the back parking lot of Star Karaoke & Café on the corner of McKnight & Olive: 1179 N. McKnight Rd, 63132 What to expect: Anything. Bring your cranium gear, shiggy socks, change of clothes, band-aids, a backpack for scavenging (*ahem*My Coat is Harrier), rape whistle, weapons to fight off zombies, and if you survive the trail, then maybe a DD or cab fare (if you plan on hoopiní it up extra good at the on-after) Ė just be prepared. The only clue we will share is there will be moderate adventures for the Walkers & Turkeys, and a big adventure awaits for the Eagles. On-After: Star Karaoke, baby. Plenty of eats, drinks, and songs to be sung.

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