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Wednesday 02/19/2014 #1154

FunnyBoneHer, OCD & Ice Princess @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


**Cum to the Rainbow Swimsuit Hash +++>  Funny BoneHer, Ice Princess and OCD **

Circle: Colonnade Center, 1141 Colonnade Ctr, Saint Louis, MO 63131 (off Manchester, just East of Ballas)

In the spirit of keeping our New Years resolutions, the bikini-top & tutu wearing Rainbow will be setting one helluva-long-ass trail!  It's going to be 69 Degrees tomorrow!  So, wear your most colorful, fanciful & tackiest hash attire (rainbow tutus & swimwear earns you extra points) for this guided tour of west county.

What should you expect on trail? Barking dogs, boobies, speeding cars, a swimming pool, po-po, more boobies, a creek, tons of shiggy, anal, 2 shot stops, mud and a keg stand.

Bring cash & ID, flashlight, drinking vessel, Anal-Eaze, beach towel, condoms & change of clothes.

Wheel & dog friendly: probably

On After: Chuck's Bar and Grill, 1181 Colonnade Center

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