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Wednesday 09/11/2013 #1120

Whiney Bitch @ Saint Charles

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


On the notorious date of 9/11 come out and celebrate Hummers birthday in addition to remembering our fallen. Winey and Hummers have a little different trail planned that will be short and sweet, but also challenging and fun.

Expect lots of SHIGGY like hard wood, long grass and weeds, mud and rocks.

Bring a flashlight and change of shoes and clothes.

Looking forward to a Hashy Birthday for Hummers!

Where: Meeting at Katy Trail parking lot off Hemsath Rd and Arena Pkwy in St. Charles. The on-after will be at Winey’s House at 525 Caulks Hill Rd. Burgers, dogs, and chips will be provided. BYOB, Food is served all night.

Meet: Katy Trail parking lot off Hemsath Rd and Arena Pkwy in St. Charles. Go West into St. Charles from 364 (Page Extension) and take first exit after bridge(Arena Pkwy) to right, then an immediate right onto Hemsath Rd. Parking lot is on right after 90 degree turn. Caulks Hill Rd is closed at Greens Bottom Rd, but a subdivision route is same distance…maps provided.

What to Bring: Shiggy socks and a change of clothes is advisable. Also be sure to bring your cranium lights or some sort of illuminating device as it will be dark after 8.

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