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Wednesday 07/11/2012 #1028

Disco Ass and Douche Skywalker @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Disco and Douche's Debaucherous Debacle

St. Louis Chinatown plays host to the latest edition of the Big Hump. Disco Ass and Douche Skywalker introduce you to the wonderful world of Olivette.

What to expect: Light shiggy, premature running trails, old Chinese women, a snow cone/dime bag stop, moistness, Douche Skywalker's spilt blood.
What to bring: Cranium lamp, dry footwear, a burning desire to be somebody.
Where to go: Half mile east of 170 and Olive. No Metrolink.

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D'Erections: From I-64/40 and I-170, take I-170 north. Exit Olive Boulevard, make a right. At the first stoplight, make a right on McKnight. Make an immediate right into the strip mall - look for hashers back in the corner back behind Granny Tsai's Thrift store.

On After: Hopefully a karaoke bar that specializes in Mandarin Chinese Ballads. Either that or Fallon's Pub.

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