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Wednesday 03/07/2012 #1001

Fist in her Furry A$$ & Stink Palm @ Clayton

Hash Trash:

10 days until Green Dress Run and we had mild temps, a threat of rain and one virgin for Run # 1001.

First off, Hashcash should always be a two person job.  Thanks to Alpo who worked the cash while I marked attendance.  No stress!

We oblonged up for some chalk talk from the Hares Fisty and Stinky.

It looked like we might finally get to name Just Michelle, until Ladue's finest showed up.  They took Alpo aside for an exchange of names and possible sexual favors. Short of it all was that they wanted us to move on.

Hummers and I abide.

Humms and I took off in the direction of trail to find a pee spot.

All was great until we got to the 2nd Chick Check.  Despite blowing whistles and yelling On-On, we had noticed that no cranium lights were behind us  when we found Checkback effing 13 about a half a mile and several hills from the check.  If you want to separate one or more chicks from the rest of the pack for the rest of the trail, that would be the way to do it. 

No fear.  We kept on.  Non-begrudingly.  By ourselves.

This is what we encountered:

We found Ozzie Smith’s house.
We had our own beerstop at a humongo house with an indoor pool with some very nice people.
At another house down the street where they weren’t quite as nice, they set their mad dogs out after us.
Hummers fell down a ravine and busted her knee and twisted her ankle.  If she doesn’t make 100 runs by GDR, it’s because she’s lame.
I stepped in shit.
Wild (most probably rabid) animals chased us out of the culvert and halfway up a
rock hill.
We finally trudged in to the end to find that we had barely been missed.

Alpo offered up more sexual favors with the folks at the on-after and they agreed that we could conduct circle using our own beer right outside their door. 

Our virgin, Just Timmy, brought by Marcone thought that Just Michelle’s dog treats were hash snacks and had himself a tasty treat.

Stink and OCD had anal in circle.

Norman Bates used Funny BoneHer’s 50 run cranium band to clean sewer crud off of himself before presenting it to her. 

Because of Just Timmy’s doggie snacks, Postage was able to conduct one of the fastest namings in BH4 history.  Just Timmy will go forth in the Hashing world and forever be known as Kibbles ‘n Dicks.  Congrats Kibbles!

This is all that I remember.  Except for some really hot wings and a whole shit ton of teenagers from Sweden.  Apparently all of Whitfield High hockey players bleach their hair and they had just won something important.  Half of the hashers wanted to sing a hash song to them and the Mother hashers said NO!

The end.


Hares: Fisty and Stink Palm

Back of parking lot of Lester's Bar and Grill - 9906 Clayton Road Ladue, Missouri 63124

What to bring: Flashlights, condoms


From North: Take 170S to 40W. Take 40W to
exit 28B, Clayton Rd.  Turn left onto Clayton, Destination will be on the left. Look for hashers.

From South:  Take 270N to 40E. Take 40E to exit 28A, Lindbergh. Turn right onto Lindbergh, left onto Clayton.  Lester's will be on your right.  Look for hashers.

From IL:  Take 40W to exit 28B, Clayton Rd.  Turn left onto Clayton, Destination will be on the left. Look for hashers.


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On After:  Sportsman Park Restaurant, 9901 Clayton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63124

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999