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Big-Hump Hash House Harriers

of The Saint Louis Metro Area

Wednesday evenings & 2nd/4th Saturdays

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Bungle in the Jungle 2017!!!

Information cumming sooon...

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Sep 23rd 2017 +++-> Meet @ 5:00 away @ 5:30

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Run 1432 +++-> South City - Francis Park Handjob courts

This is it, people! The biggest Big Hump event of the year! Be there and wear a 4 inch school girl skirt. If you don't have one, you can find a slutty school girl skirt at any Halloween store. You can probably even re-use the same skirt for an upcoming Halloween hash!

Beaver Chaser is about to provide you with a ridiculous trail that will blow. your. mind. Or maybe your junk. Or maybe your wallet. Or maybe none of these. You will never remember ever ever doing a better better trail on this particular day. Probably you will remember doing a better trail any other previous day. BUT NOT THIS DAY!!!!

Meet up at the handball courts near Tamm Avenue in Francis Park and prepare yourself to prance around many Catholic school/churches in the immediate proximity to said handjob courts. Handjobs will be provided by the hare, if you cannot find one, on your own. He promised. Just ask him at any time.

On after will be at Syberg's on Gravois at River Despair.

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Sep 27th 2017 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Cow Cock, Colorado, and Goldie Cox Birthday Trail!

Run 1433 +++-> Chouteau Park - Forest Park Southeast, St. Louis

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