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Bungle in the Jungle - August 10-12

Rego coming soon

Upcoming Hash +++-> Wed Apr 25th 2018 +++-> Meet @ 6:30 away @ 7:00

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Beaner Weiner & Fake Bake

Run 1477 +++-> Steinberg Ice Rink

It seems we human folk have finally broken the weather for good. Spring is cancelled this year and we're all wearing shorts & winter coats. So...let's just meet at an outdoor ice rink and take our chances that it will be cold enough to skate.

In the unlikely event that it's above freezing, Beaner & Fake Bake will dust off their backsliding flour bags and set a fantastically, amazingly mediocre trail.

What to bring:
Virgins, wasabi, cranium lamp, ouija board, mackerel, $7

On After:
Gramaphone (probably)

Upcoming Hash +++-> Sat Apr 28th 2018 +++-> Meet @ 2:00 away @ 2:30

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Fruhlingsfests (Spring Fest) - Low Profile

Run 1478 +++-> O'Fallon, IL

It is that time of year... the time when hashers from all over Europe converge on Stuttgart for Fruhlingsfest at teh Canstaater Wasen.

Well...AGAIN...there are a multitude who have departed Germany and found ourselves located within the continental United States (CONUS).  And AGAIN, we are not to be short-changed by our inability to access Wasen-festing fun.  No, no, no... that shit isn't happening... didn't happen last year... or the year before... not happening this year.  BUT, good ole Uncle Sugar might have another move in store for Low Profile and some of the former Germany hashers...and so, we seek to make this the best of the three Fruhlingsfests (Spring Fest) we've put on.

There will be German beer to drink, freshly made German cuisine, Schnapps, trail, buffoonery and merriment to be experienced by those who wish to partake.

As with last year, this fest weekend will be sponsored by Bell-Scott and Fireside Malts H3, and Saturday's Trail will be sponsored by Big Hump H3. ...multiple kennels coming together for sheer hash greatness...greatness, I tell you...greatness.



PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM IN THE LINK BELOW.  The "going," "maybe," "not going," on Facebook won't suffice, as this will be posted on multiple kennel sites.


Former Germany Hares for the weekend:
- Low Profile (Formerly of Stuttgart and Sembach H3)
- Fartilatio (Formerly of Sembach H3)
- Peter Sampler - The Hebrew Hammer (Formerly of BNG and Sembach H3)


So, here's the plan, schedule, wild-ass-guess of what will happen, or whatever you want to call it:

FRIDAY NIGHT: Anyone who wants to join in, we will pub crawl the bars, breweries and such, surrounding the metropolis that is/isn't O'Fallon, IL. That, OR, we will now have the St Louis Hofbrauhaus to explore.

- Starting at 1369 hours (1:69 PM...or 2:00 PM-ISH if you need more detail), will will gather for pre-trail beverages.
- Trail will be A-B.  Start locations and google maps to follow by the third week of April.
- Expect a 4-6 mile true trail. The trail will be walker friendly, but not stroller friendly. In fact, other than the trail, this is NOT and will not be a child friendly environment.
- Circle will be at the B (location TBD at the present time)
- The fest will begin, immediately after circle at what is affectionately known as the Casa de Not Quite Right.  Address to be provided via email to those who rego.

SUNDAY: Fatboy hangover trail, Bloody Mary's, etc.


Due to increased costs for the imported kegs* and such, here are the costs associated with this weekend:
Friday:  Pay as you go
Friday-Sunday German keg beer and food*, all weekend: $35
Saturday, All day drinks and food, all night: $25
Saturday, Trail and circle-only (no food): $10
Sunday hangover beverages (bloody mary's, mimosas, etc): BYOB



...as Low Profile has to purchase everything before y'all arrive...He'd like to buy the beer and food with yours money and his...and not just his... SO, your choices are:

A. Use Paypal (send to: tutefarm93@aol.com); use the friends and family choice...and in the comments put your hash name and what you are paying for (see above)

B. Cash on the day of -- for those only doing trail, and with pre-coordination that you will be paying cash.

- Change of clothes
- Change of shoes
- Bug spray
- Sun Block
- Headlamp
- Drinking vessel
- Towels
- Sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, etc...as needed
- Tent, as needed
- Sense of humor
- Sense of wonder
- Thick skin
- Any food you want to share


- Crash space is available...
- TENT SPACE is available...
- UBER and the METRO are available...
- Carpooling is an option...

IF the rego form below does not allow you to fill it in, email the following address with the required details: tutefarm93@aol.com


- Fire pit
- Grill
- Weather permitting - Pool
- Hot Tub
- Steam Room
- Trampoline
- Pool Table
- Beer Pong and/or Tippy/Strippy Cup
- Appropriate attire - Dirndls, Lederhosen, or hash formal (ie kilts, hapi coats, lingerie, etc)
- Beer -- Expect the beer to be wonderful, unpasteurized nectar of the gods, straight from Germany.
- Food -- We will need assistance with food prep and cooking

So, cum one, cum all for festing and fun!


DISCLAIMER:  Hashing and drinking are potentially dangerous to one’s health. By signing up below and participating you are saying, "I acknowledge that I, and I alone, am responsible for my actions and safety."

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