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Hash With Big Hump!

We're Big Hump. We're a drinking group with a running problem.

We meet every Wednesday and the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month.

Want to set a trail? Check out the hareline to find an available date


2019 Bungle in the Jungle

August 9th-11th, 2019

Register Here

Upcumming Hashes

Trail info and directions will be posted as soon as the lazy hare(s) send them to the hareraiser...

Wednesday 07/24/2019 #1572

Meet: 6:30 pm
Away: 7:00 pm

Oh! Am I Haring? Hash @ Cherokee Park

Free Mustache Rides: Fuck. I volunteered to hare for a Wednesday? I must have been drinking. I don’t do that. Fuckle Up, Buckers. Anyone stupid enough to barely scout a trail with a mildly thought out theme?

A few random hashers: I’d love to. I can be unavailable, and put in zero work.

Me: Sure… let me get back to you.

G Tort: I am available, but also will put in minimal work

Me: Good enough - let’s start “planning”

G Tort: Let’s scout at a bar, and scout in the A/C

Me: Here’s a Google Map with some circles, but hey, let’s still go to a bar. Planning done!

Shiggy: At best, you’ll have to jump over some downed trees if we have another storm between now and then, this is going to have pavement, parks, and particularly proper pony rides* (Pony rides unavailable this short of notice).

Trail will be walker friendly, wheel friendly, dog friendly, cat friendly. Probably won't need a cranium lamp.

Still reading this invite? Well here's a secret to reward wanks who don't just click the location link. There will be a surprise treasure stop, so if you want some random fun shit, maybe bring a cinch bag with you on trail, or we might have a half-assed one provided to the FRB.

Circle: Cherokee Park
3248 Lemp Avenue St Louis MO 63118
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/2vN7Mrn8gsZBphst6

On-After: Irish Corner Pub
1900 Cherokee St, St. Louis, MO 63118
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/hFpasUxNXQeK1vaJ6
Only serves food until 9 though, unless we negotate later…. But if circle runs long

Alternate: Venice Cafe (Cash Only, but has cheap ass pizza).
1901 Pestalozzi St, Saint Louis, MO 63118-1722
+1 314-772-5994

Saturday 07/27/2019 #1573

Meet: 5:00 pm
Away: 5:30 pm

Just the Tick @ ???

Wednesday 07/31/2019 #1574

Meet: 6:30 pm
Away: 7:00 pm

Fatliner & Reverse Australian Shepard @ ???

Wednesday 08/07/2019 #1575

Meet: 6:30 pm
Away: 7:00 pm

Locknut @ ???

Saturday 08/10/2019 #1576

Meet: 2:00 pm
Away: 2:30 pm

Bungle in the Jungle @ Potosi

Wednesday 08/14/2019 #1577

Meet: 6:00 pm
Away: 6:30 pm

Sweet Ho and Strap On's Bungle ReKaraokevery Trail @ ???

Wednesday 08/21/2019 #1578

Meet: 6:00 pm
Away: 6:30 pm

Open @ ???

Saturday 08/24/2019 #1579

Meet: 3:00 pm
Away: 3:30 pm

Locknut @ ???

Wednesday 08/28/2019 #1580

Meet: 6:00 pm
Away: 6:30 pm

Dewey Sexual System @ Not Sublette Park

Wednesday 09/04/2019 #1581

Meet: 6:00 pm
Away: 6:30 pm

Open @ ???

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