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Wednesday 06/23/2010 #869


Hash Trash:

It was a sweltering and humid (a.k.a. totally normal) June day, when the hash descended upon the thriving metropolis of Dupo, Illinois, greeted by the familiar sound of sirens.  Much to our surprise, they weren't coming for us...or at least they didn't find us.  We had the pleasure of greeting Chippy Foreplay, visiting us from New Delhi, and Witty managed to show up with Just Liz just in time for the Grope Shot, so she couldn't deny her presence.


There was a lot of pavement pounding and a lot of waiting for chicks to show up at the chick checks, until Whiney got impatient and started just erasing the center dots.  Eventually, the pack was led to one of Dupo's many fine watering holes, roughly on the opposite side of town from our starting point, where we were treated to only the finest: 

$0.75 draws of something roughly resembling beer.  Norman Bates appeared like magic at the beer stop, only to disappear again, like smoke in the wind.  Monistat said something funny that will be less funny if I repeat it, then we hit the trail back, a straight, 2 mile shot of traffic-dodging fun.  Somewhere along the way, the temperature even made it to a point that could almost be  called pleasant.


Meanwhile, the walkers, despairing of the distance to the planned beer stop, made an impromptu one at the VFW.  Someone named Paula bought them beer, and there was much rejoicing.


The on-after featured free wings, which, to some people's inexplicable surprise, disappeared really quickly.  The early hasher gets the 

wings.  Finger My Arsenal bought some pitchers to say goodbye before  

leaving town for Florida.  Thanks!  Some other really fun stuff happened, during which I was probably abducted by aliens.




OCD/FMR and their ABC - D (Adventures in the Big City of Dupo)--Trail # 869 (drink, I said 69)
When:  June 23rd, 2010.  Meet at 6:30.  Hares away at 7:01. 

 Good Tymes SaloonAddress: (Back parking lot)
200 North Main Street
Dupo, IL 62239-1253
(618) 286-9693

What to expect: Heat. Lots and lots of heat.  Miles of pavement pounding, some shiggy, and heat. Lots of heat. 

What to bring:   ID, 2 singles, 4 quarters, three dimes and a nickel.  Pennies are worthless in Dupo.  SOSO offered to bring a kiddie pool, so throw in your man thongs or itsy bitsy's and lets have a party.  Did I mention you need your ID on trail?

Wheelchair friendly: Should be wheelchair friendly, but not sure how much shorter than the runners trail.

Walker Trail:  Perhaps.  Not definite.  Maybe Turkey/Eagle. 

On After: see Good Tymes info above.  Drink specials and hopefully food if we can get in before kitchen closes.

If lost, no worries.  It's Dupo. 
Rudy:  314-971-1159
OCD:  314-368-3898

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