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Wednesday 05/06/2015 #1248

Winey Bitch & Madame Yuck's "Woody Hash" @ Maplewood

Hash Trash:

We were waiting for circle to start at hash #____, it was pretty cold/hot/nice/rainy, but the beer helped us forget about that. The hare/hares got in for some chalk talk, the RA blessed him/her/them and soon, the pack was on-out.

Trail was pretty awesome/shitty and we managed to find trail easily/get lost. We arrived at the Beer Stop, drank some beer, gave the hare/hares some shit about their trail, and were soon back out in the city/shiggy. There were some chick checks, and of course the harriettes opted to check/flash instead of flash/check! Those crazy harriettes! Of course, no one/everyone  minded.  A few of the virgin/veteran hashers thought it would be a good idea to shortcut and immediately got lost/died. Oh well! Better luck next time.

Once trail was over, we drank our dranks and sang our songs. Disco/Hummers was called out for shitting on trail, Whiney/PMS for getting lost, $5$5$5/59 for raceist behavior and the hare/hares for their shit show of a trail.

All in all, a pretty generic/amazing/shitty/wonderful trail!


Meet Winey and M'Yuck at the park along Sutton Blvd and Hazel Ave in Maplewood, MO.  Parking available on Hazel, Sutton and Maple Ave around park.


Expect: Urban Shiggy, Water Crossings, Troll Stops, New Markings and General Skullduggery!

Bring: a flashlight, change of shoes and socks, rubbing alcohol, bandages, triple antibiotic cream and H2O2.

On After at "The Wood" at 2733 Sutton Blvd, Maplewood, MO 63143





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