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Fiddle Her on the Roof

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 69
Hares: 2
Virgin/Visitor: 0
Total Hashes: 71
Appearances: 6
Hare Percentage: 2.82%

110/04/2006574Viper Snatch & Sexorcist Catholic School GirlsClaytonHasher
212/06/2006588Whiney Bi+chOlivette / University CityHasher
312/13/2006590Disco Arse, Ho-Lateral Damage & Postage SLUH trailSomewhere near SLUHHasher
412/20/2006591Hummers, DMB & PMS - The Lost TrailKirkwoodHasher
501/03/2007594Hares & Bares Hash - Cliff & DS2Carondelet Park - South CityHasher
601/10/2007595Disco Ass & Huggy BearHasher
701/13/2007596Halley's CometHasher
901/24/2007598Princess/Bama Princess's Birthday HashFairview HeightsHasher
1002/07/2007601Bama & SexorcistSomewhere near the Brewery (the Big One)Hasher
1102/20/2007604Ricky's CS, Meta & PMSSoulard Pub CrawlHasher
1203/21/2007612Whiney Bi+ch - B-day Trail - No Pavement!St. Charles, MOHasher
1304/25/2007619PMS & Norman Bates - Mismanagement ElectionsClaytonHasher
1405/12/2007623Bama Mate/Famous Anus & Long Duck Dongwe'll celebrate the Dongers b-day!Hasher
1505/16/2007624Pi Hole & Norman BatesThe Birthday Penguin Hash-wear black and white formal attire or penguin regala.Hasher
1605/26/2007626Bama Mate & Famous Anus - Country trail - BBQBama & Famous', Waterloo ILHasher
1707/04/2007634Postage Tramp's Birthday Trail & Rickys Crab ShackDowntown areaHasher
1807/11/2007636Bama Mate & Viper Snatch - Snatch your MateBosnian Community Appreciation HashHasher
1907/18/2007638Whiney B. & Duzzy C.As usual, nothing BUT pavementHasher
2007/25/2007639Dapper Sapper & Purple Muffin StuffinDapper Sapper's Going Away TrailAppearance
2007/31/2007641G's Birthday Trail - TuesdayShrewsburyHasher
2108/15/2007645Purple Muffin Stuffin's Birthday TrailFentonHasher
2208/22/2007647Famous Anus & Bama MateBelleville, ILHasher
2308/29/2007649GladHeAteHer & Ricky's Crab ShackHasher
2409/12/2007652Mama's Ass P0rn & Postage TrampWebster GrovesHasher
2509/19/2007653Catholic School Girls Gone WildDog TownishHasher
2610/03/2007656Duzzy Cum & FeFe & Dos HiXXies virgin layCrestwood, MOHasher
2710/10/2007657Urine Trail's Birthday & Shiggy ShaggyBellevilleHasher
2810/13/2007658Red Meat Rocker & Bama MateSammy Hagar's Birthday trail.....Hasher
2910/24/2007660PMS, I Have a Dick & G-SpotHasher
3010/31/2007662PMS & Postage TrampHappy Halloween TrailHasher
3111/14/20076652 F%#k, CliffBangHer, & Peemis - TOGA HashToga, Toga, Toga....Central West End / Barnes Jewish HospitalHasher
3211/21/2007666Meta's # 666 TrailHasher
3312/08/2007670FeFeAlton Area - Post Pere Marquette TrailHasher
3412/19/2007672Help Me I'm Wet & ICHYMaplewoodHasher
3512/26/2007674Bama Mate & Puss N Boobs & Any Cock's Bday TrailNear AB off broadway & ArsenalAppearance
3502/05/2008682Fat Tuesday Pub Crawl - Bama & Jack Rabbit SlimHasher
3602/20/2008686Dewey Sexual System & HammerTongueHasher
3703/19/2008694Jack Rabbit Slim & Plot My G SpotHasher
3804/12/2008699GladHeAteHer & Plot My G-Spot"THE HOBO HASH"Hasher
3904/16/2008700Disco Ass & Mile High BallerHasher
4004/26/2008702Meta Arsehole & 2FC - 5th Annual Polyester TrailHasher
4104/30/2008703MisManagement ElectionsHasher
4205/14/2008706Bama Mate & Legs Over EasySouth City Shiggy TrailHasher
4306/11/2008712Keyless Entry & Holateral DamageHasher
4406/18/20087132 Fuck Cunuck, Lazy Ass, Plot My G-SpotTurtle Park Hippie HashHasher
4506/25/2008714Help Me I'm Wet & Stink PalmTurtle ParkHasher
4606/28/2008715Famous Anus & Stink PalmHasher
4708/13/2008726PMS & Sextra Credit's Birthday TrailValley ParkHasher
4808/23/2008728Whiney Bitch & FiddleHer on the RoofHare
4909/10/2008731Jack Rabbit Slim, PMS & F. Me Rudolph -Pajama HashDogtownHasher
5009/17/2008733Meta Arsehole, Help Me, Jack Rabbit, PornogenicCatholic School GirlHasher
5110/01/2008736GladHeAteHer & Plot My G-SpotHasher
5211/19/2008746Keyless Entry and Holateral DamageHasher
5312/03/2008749McGutterSlut and Legs Over EasyHasher
5412/10/2008750Stink PalmAffton AreaHasher
5512/13/2008751Help Me I'm Wet, Just Aaron & Just ChuckPere Marquette "Burning Hare"Appearance
5512/17/2008752Whiney Bitch & CeleryChristmas Time Primer with Hot Spicy Wine and FiresHasher
5612/23/2008753Meta Arsehole & Ricky's Crab ShackXmas Pub Crawl - SoulardHasher
5703/11/2009770McPostage O'Tramp & McFist in Her O'Furry A$$GDR Pre-Lube and Fisty's Birthday (Dogtown)Appearance
5703/14/20097719th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
5804/08/2009776Burning A$$hole & Fuck Me RudolphSo Co Shiggyrific TrailHasher
5904/15/20097782 Fuck Canuck & Bozo's Wet DreamSouth CityHasher
6004/22/2009779The Cum Family(Frozen, Duzzy, Goggles, It Out, Orgy Dumpster)Hasher
6105/06/2009782PMS & Toxic WasteAppearance
6105/13/2009784Burning A$$holeGuess what?! Another hash with no theme.Hasher
6207/15/2009797Whiney Beeotch & LockNut Monster3rd Annual (anniversary of the) Record Breaker Hash!Hasher
6307/22/2009798Keyless Entry, Just Clare & Fuck Me PumpsWhite Dress HashHasher
6408/12/2009803Full Service, Pornogenic & SoSoLadue/Creve CoeurHasher
6508/22/2009805Whiney Bitch & Witty Titty Carrot CommitteeWestport-ishHasher
6609/16/2009810Meta Arsehole, Pornogenic & Jack Rabbit SlimCatholic Schoolgirl Hash - Central West EndHasher
6709/23/2009811Poostage Tramp & FartfignugenCrestwoodHasher
6809/26/2009812Rudy & MotorWhore-AThe HillAppearance
6802/13/2010841Dewey Sexual SystemMardi GrasHare
6902/16/2010842Bama Mate's Soulard Pub Crawl Fat TuesdayHasher
7004/21/2010856ElectionsCome out and vote!Hasher
7109/28/20131124$5 $5 $5HabitHash 3Hasher