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I Wanna Ryder

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 23
Hares: 3
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 27
Appearances: 0
Hare Percentage: 11.11%

107/05/2006555OpenBellefontaine NeighborsVirgin/Visitor
207/12/2006556Whiney BitchBrentwoodHasher
307/19/2006557The Storm - PMS & Dapper SapperSoulardHasher
408/02/2006561Cub's Suck's Going Away TrailSouth CityHasher
508/09/2006562PMS's Birthday TrailKirkwoodHasher
708/16/2006564EABB's 4th Annual Chicken Wing TrailSouth CountyHasher
808/23/2006565Do My Butt & Bama Mate - The Gutter TrailNew FlorissantHasher
909/06/2006568Likes It Long, Liv Er Die & Bama MateForest Park areaHasher
1009/13/2006570Whiney B!tchWestportHasher
1110/04/2006574Viper Snatch & Sexorcist Catholic School GirlsClaytonHasher
1210/18/2006577Blows, Just Cassie, DMB & PMSSouth CountyHasher
1310/25/2006578I Wanna Ryder & Meta Arsehole - World Series HashSoulardHare
1411/01/2006580Turd Burgler & Famous AnusHasher
1511/11/2006582The Holy Grail Trail - Postage & PMSGrand & LindellHasher
1611/15/2006583Sit N Spin/HycoxiaSt. CharlesHasher
1711/23/2006585Thanksgiving Dinner @ I Wanna Ryders w/ MetaKirkwood - I Wanna Ryder's houseHare
1811/29/2006587Dewey Sexual System & Bama MateBellevilleHasher
1912/06/2006588Whiney Bi+chOlivette / University CityHasher
2012/20/2006591Hummers, DMB & PMS - The Lost TrailKirkwoodHasher
2101/03/2007594Hares & Bares Hash - Cliff & DS2Carondelet Park - South CityHasher
2201/10/2007595Disco Ass & Huggy BearHasher
2301/31/2007600Cliff Bangher - Whiney 600th BH4!River des Peres AreaHasher
2403/07/2007608The Storm Revisited - Dapper Sapper & PMSSoulardHasher
2503/14/2007610McPostage O'Tramp - Green Dress PrelubeHasher
2603/24/2007613I Wanna Ryder - B-day TrailLarson Park - Webster GrovesHare
2707/11/2007636Bama Mate & Viper Snatch - Snatch your MateBosnian Community Appreciation HashHasher