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Maybe It\'s Methamphetamine

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 29
Hares: 4
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 34
Appearances: 0
Hare Percentage: 11.76%

109/12/20181507TSADes PeresVirgin/Visitor
209/19/20181508Catholic School Girl Hash w/ Dewey & Puke HaltWebster GrovesHasher
309/26/20181510Fake BakeThe HillHasher
410/24/20181515World Peace Through Beer w/ Cum SystemWasted on the steps of the U.N. building. Hasher
510/31/20181517Gladdy & Sweet HoCarondelet ParkHasher
603/13/20191545Fake Bake and Vomit CometCentral West EndHasher
703/20/201915464th An(nu)al Beer Mile presented by StagEllendale Hasher
803/23/2019154718th Annual Green Dress RunDowntown St. LouisHasher
904/03/20191549Dewey and RecordMaplewoodHasher
1004/17/20191552Tased and ConfusedSt. Louis HillsHasher
1104/24/20191553Mis-Management ElectionsDowntown STLHasher
1204/27/20191554Maybe It's Methamphetamine & Strap-OnTower Grove ParkHare
1305/15/20191558Fake Bake and Beaner WienerBrentwoodHasher
1406/19/20191565TSACentral Bank of St. Louis (Des Peres, MO)Hasher
1507/10/201915692nd Anal Licks' Birthday Trail: 69 Minutes of FunFrancis R Slay ParkHasher
1608/21/20191578Lingere Hash w How Do You Like My HeadlightsChouteau Park Hasher
1708/28/20191580Dewey Sexual SystemCompton Hill Reservoir Park, SE cornerHasher
1809/28/20191586TSA's Six Hour Fun R*n HashTower Grove ParkHasher
1910/09/20191588Locknut and Headlights are Gettin Hitched!Lindenwood ParkHasher
2011/20/20191597Dewey & Gladdy's 7th Big Lebowski HashOlivette LanesHasher
2111/23/20191598Tri-Harder's Virgin Big Hump HareBenton ParkHare
2211/27/20191599Blackout Wednesday Hash with TSAFranz ParkHasher
2312/04/20191600Sixteen Fucking Hundred - Disco AssWillmore ParkHasher
2412/11/20191601Christmas Lights Hash w Beaver Chaser & Just MaddyFrances Park, St Louis HillsHasher
2501/15/20201609WineyUniversity City, MOHasher
2601/22/20201610Tased and ConfusedLafayette ParkHasher
2701/25/20201611Texas Hold 'Em HashBrentwood, MOHasher
2801/29/20201612Toxic WasteValley Park, MOHasher
2902/12/20201615Humping Iron & Strap-On's On-On for OzCherokee ParkHasher
3002/19/20201616Disco on the Record HashShrewsbury, MOHasher
3102/22/20201617Maybe It's MethamphetamineWatson Trail Park, Sunset HillsHare
3203/04/20201619FuckUShima + Maybe March ForthKirkwood, MOHare
3303/11/20201620FatlinerTower Grove ParkHasher
3403/14/20201621314 / Pi / Steak and Blowjob Day with TSATower Grove ParkHasher