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Tyler Turden

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 23
Hares: 0
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 24
Appearances: 1
Hare Percentage: 0.00%

105/08/20131093PMS, Hummers and DMBSoulardHasher
209/18/20131122Catholic School Girl w/G Tort and PenthouseVirgin/Visitor
306/28/20141182Three Inch King & Donkey StyleDowntown STLHasher
408/06/20141191Purdy Mouth & My Coat Is Harrier Than My Balls4th Anal Blazin' Botanical Beer Stop TrailHasher
508/13/20141193$5 $5 $5 Bday TrailHasher
608/20/20141194Dewey and HeadlightsBungle Pre-Lube: Fenton/Valley ParkHasher
708/23/20141195BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLEBird's Nest Lodge, Steelville, MOHasher
808/27/20141196Stink Palm & Just ShellySt. CharlesHasher
909/03/20141197Whiney BitchHasher
1009/17/20141200The F&CKING Catholic School Girl HashFake Bake F&ck, F&ck Me Pumps and 2F&ck CanuckHasher
1109/24/20141201Claim to Flame & Strap OnHasher
1210/01/20141203Locknut MonsterSouth CountyHasher
1410/15/20141206Beaner Wiener & Colorado CockteaseHasher
1510/22/20141207Disco AssHasher
1610/25/20141208World Peace Thru BeerBeaner & FrankieHasher
1710/29/20141209LockNut's (and Disco Ass) Annual HashoweenHasher
1804/01/20151241Beaner Wiener & Fake Bake F%ckSouth CountyHasher
1904/22/20151245Free Mustache Rides & Kibbles n' DicksBenton Park NeighborhoodHasher
2005/06/20151248Winey Bitch & Madame Yuck's "Woody Hash"Maplewood Hasher
2105/27/20151253TrAInWreCK & Puke HaltCrestwoodHasher
2206/17/20151257GladHeAteHer & Plot My G-Spot8th Annual Hobo HashHasher
2307/29/20151267Strap On, Mad Hatter & Go GayhoundClaytonHasher
2408/05/20151268How Do You Like My Pussy Pants NOW?!? Bungle Pre-Lube in Benton Park areaAppearance
2409/23/20151278Purple Muffin Stuffin' & Greg LooseAnusMaplewood Hasher