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Puke Halt

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 104
Hares: 31
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 136
Appearances: 6
Hare Percentage: 22.79%

105/22/20131096How Do You Like My Headlights, NOW?Virgin/Visitor
206/12/20131101Shits Jemima, Eh?Hasher
306/26/20131104PMS & HummersFentonHasher
407/10/20131106Purdy's 3rd Anal Blazin' Botanical Beer Stop TrailHasher
507/24/20131109Queefer Thiever and 3 Inch KingHasher
607/31/20131111Disco AssHasher
708/17/20131115Bungle in the JungleHasher
808/21/20131116Whiney BitchLesters in ClaytonHasher
908/28/2013111859 Minutes & Colorado Cock TeaseHasher
1009/04/20131119Goldicocks & HeadlightsGoldi's Birthday TrailHasher
1109/11/20131120Whiney BitchSaint CharlesHasher
1209/18/20131122Catholic School Girl w/G Tort and PenthouseHasher
1309/28/20131124$5 $5 $5HabitHash 3Hasher
1410/09/20131126Help Me I'm WetHasher
1510/16/201311282FC: Sex Offender Hash - Part DeuxIn a neighborhood near you...Hasher
1710/30/20131131LockNut and HeadlightsHash-o-ween!Hasher
1811/06/20131132Just John & Disco AssHasher
1911/13/20131134PMS & HeadlightsMaplewoodHasher
2011/20/20131135LockNut Monster and HarrierHare
2101/15/20141147Harrier and Mucha ChuchaHare
2201/22/20141148Help Me & Mother TheresaHasher
2301/29/20141150Lucy & Colorado Cock TeaseHasher
2402/05/20141151LockNut MonsterFreeze your Locknuts off!Hasher
2502/12/20141153TrAInWreCK and Headlights Naughty Valentines TooHasher
2602/26/20141156Dewey & DiscoHasher
2703/05/20141157Fake Bake Fuck & Penis GrigioHasher
2803/12/20141159Mc2:19's "Happy Birthday GDR Pre-Lube"Hasher
2903/15/2014116014th Anal Green Dress RunHasher
3003/19/20141161LockNut MonsterHasher
3103/26/20141163My Coat is Harrier Than My BallsHare
3204/16/20141167Free Mustache Rides & Beaner WienerHasher
3304/30/20141170Mismanagement ErectionsTropicana Lanes - Richmond HeightsHasher
3405/07/20141171Disco A$$Cherokee StreetHasher
3505/21/20141174Whiney BitchHasher
3605/28/20141176LockNut MonsterSunset HillsHasher
3706/04/20141177Headlights and PFLTower GroveHasher
3806/11/20141178Beaner & Frankie's Rock Star HashSouth CountyHasher
3907/02/20141183Aunt Flow & Disco AssAunt Flow's Bday Hash in CrestwoodHasher
4007/09/20141184My Coat Is Harrier Than My Balls & Just StacyHare
4107/23/20141187Disco A$$ and Im Not MasturbatingJennings Birthday TrailHasher
4207/30/20141189Help Me I'm Wet & Clifford the Big Red Pu$$yBallwinHasher
4308/06/20141191Purdy Mouth & My Coat Is Harrier Than My Balls4th Anal Blazin' Botanical Beer Stop TrailHare
4408/13/20141193$5 $5 $5 Bday TrailHasher
4508/23/20141195BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLEBird's Nest Lodge, Steelville, MOHasher
4609/03/20141197Whiney BitchHasher
4709/10/20141198My Coat is Harrier than My BallsHare
4809/17/20141200The F&CKING Catholic School Girl HashFake Bake F&ck, F&ck Me Pumps and 2F&ck CanuckHasher
4910/22/20141207Disco AssHasher
5010/25/20141208World Peace Thru BeerBeaner & FrankieHasher
5110/29/20141209LockNut's (and Disco Ass) Annual HashoweenHasher
5211/08/20141211Ice Princess's & Fake Bake Fuck's Bday (both) HashWarson WoodsHasher
5311/12/20141212LockNut MonsterHasher
5411/19/20141213Dewey Sexual SystemHasher
5511/26/20141215Puke Halt & Just StacyCentral West EndHasher
5612/17/20141219Postage Tramp/Fake Bake F&ckWebster GrovesAppearance
5602/18/20151232Headlights & GoldicocksWebster GrovesHasher
5702/25/20151233Dos HiXXies & Dapper SapperWedding HashHasher
5803/04/20151235Puke Halt & Fake BakeBrentwood Hare
5903/18/20151238Puke Halt & Just StacyThe GroveHare
6003/28/20151240Rainbow Trail (IP, OCD & FBH)Sunset Hills/CrestwoodHasher
6104/01/20151241Beaner Wiener & Fake Bake F%ckSouth CountyHasher
6204/08/20151242Midget Trail by Hummers, PMS & GarageHasher
6304/15/20151244PastHer Mourning Wood & HeadlightsOlivetteHasher
6404/29/20151247Mismanagement E'rectionsTropicana LanesHasher
6505/06/20151248Winey Bitch & Madame Yuck's "Woody Hash"Maplewood Hasher
6605/13/20151250Puke HaltHare
6705/20/20151251Stink Palm & Eye SwallowGiving your Ex the STINK EYE TrailHasher
6805/27/20151253TrAInWreCK & Puke HaltCrestwoodHare
6906/10/20151255Princess Pussy Pants & Beaner WienerDogtownHasher
7006/24/20151258Fake Bake F&ck and Puke HaltBrentwoodHare
7106/27/20151259GoldieHopDonkeyWrekTilles Park IN THE CITYAppearance
7107/01/20151260Claim to Flame, Goldicox & Puke HaltShrewsburyHare
7207/08/20151261Puke Halt & Purdy MouthHare
7307/22/20151265Sharknado3 Hash (Hummers & PMS)Hasher
7408/05/20151268How Do You Like My Pussy Pants NOW?!? Bungle Pre-Lube in Benton Park areaHasher
7508/19/20151271Puke Halt/I Can't Believe it's not Buttlick SprayHare
7608/26/20151273Dewey & IHOPHasher
7709/02/20151274Beaner WienerSt. Louis HillsHasher
7809/09/20151275$5$5$5 and Free Mustache Rides SoulardHasher
7909/16/20151277Catholic School Girl (Headlights & Puke Halt)Hare
8009/23/20151278Purple Muffin Stuffin' & Greg LooseAnusMaplewood Hasher
8109/30/20151280Disco Ass & Lack of OxygenThe GroveHasher
8210/14/20151283Puke Halt & 59 MinutesClaytonHare
8310/21/20151284TrAInWreCK & GoldicocksThe HillHasher
8410/28/20151286Locknut's Hash-o-weenCrestwoodHasher
8511/04/20151287Purple Muffin Stuffin'Des PeresHasher
8611/25/20151291Stink Palm, Eye Swallow, Fvck Me Pumps, Cum It OutSkanksgivingHasher
8712/09/20151294Stinky ClauseHasher
8812/16/20151296Puke Halt & Fake Bake FvckHare
8901/06/20161300Disco AssBridgetonHasher
9002/27/20161311LockNut MonsterAppearance
9003/02/20161312Headlights & LockNut St. AnnHasher
9103/16/20161315Dewey Sexual System Lafayette SquareHasher
9203/23/20161317Beaner Wiener & Ice PrincessMaplewoodHasher
9303/30/20161319Puke Halt & LockNut Monster AfftonHare
9405/04/20161326MisManagement E'rectionsMaplewoodHasher
9505/11/20161327Cum on the Record & Puke HaltFentonHare
9605/25/20161330LockNut & Headlights Bday/Toga!!Webster GrovesHasher
9706/08/20161333Fake Bake Fuck & Beaner WienerCarondelet ParkHasher
9806/22/201613362 2 ("tutu") Hash - IP, FBH & DosSouthwest GardenHasher
9907/06/20161339Disco Ass & Cum on the RecordWelcome to Dogtown/Blow up the Dogtown Facebook page Hasher
10007/20/20161342PMS & Dapper SapperSoulardHasher
10108/10/20161346Hummers, Gladdy & Dewey's 10 Year Analversary!FlorissantHasher
10208/31/20161351Puke HaltCrestwood/Sunset HillsHare
10309/10/20161353Habithash for Humanity #6 - $5, $5, $5RiverviewHasher
10410/05/20161358Kibbles 'n Dicks, Strap On & Donkey StyleTower GroveHasher
10510/12/20161360Psycho FillHer & LockNut MonsterSouth City (55 & Broadway)Hasher
10610/22/20161362World Peace Thru BeerFrankie TDTPE & Princess Pussy PantsAppearance
10611/09/20161365Cum on the Record & Puke HaltVeteren's Day HashHare
10711/16/20161367Puke HaltForest Park Hare
10811/23/20161368Ice Princess/Funny BoneHer & their sex slaves FentonHasher
10912/28/20161376Headlights and Dewey Hasher
11001/11/20171378Cum on the RecordHasher
11102/01/20171383Puke HaltHare
11202/22/20171387Go Gayhound and Psycho FillHer South CityHasher
11303/08/20171390$5, $5, $5's Going Away FREE HASH!Clayton Hasher
11403/15/20171392Puke Halt & 2:19 From Chicago Hare
11503/29/20171395Tased and Confused Anniversary TrailHasher
11604/12/201713982 Fuck Canuck's 10 Year Hash AnalversaryMarlborough/Shrewsbury/AfftonHasher
11704/19/20171399MisManagement E'rections (Claim & IP)KirkwoodHasher
11804/26/20171401Puke HaltHare
11905/10/20171403Puke HaltHare
12005/31/20171408Cum On The RecordHasher
12107/26/20171420Licks and Sticks!Hasher
12208/09/20171422Ice Princess - Bungle Pre-LubeAfftonHasher
12308/23/20171425Puke Halt & HeadlightsHare
12409/06/20171428Puke Halt & Tased & ConfusedDowntown riverfront - graffiti wallHare
12509/27/20171433Cow Cock, Colorado, and Goldie Cox Birthday Trail!Chouteau Park - Forest Park Southeast, St. LouisHasher
12610/11/20171435Puke Halt & Just ZackLyon's Park - St. LouisHare
12711/29/20171446Garage A Trois & Bozo's Wet DreamHasher
12808/22/20181502Tased and ConfusedDogtown / MaplewoodHasher
12909/05/20181505Cock Family Hash - ACockalypse MeowDelmar LoopHasher
13009/19/20181508Catholic School Girl Hash w/ Dewey & Puke HaltWebster GrovesHare
13104/03/20191549Dewey and RecordMaplewoodHasher
13204/17/20191552Tased and ConfusedSt. Louis HillsHasher
13305/08/20191556TSAquila MileAgave PlantationHasher
13405/22/20191559Puke Halt & 59 Minutes LeftLockwood ParkHare
13510/09/20191588Locknut and Headlights are Gettin Hitched!Lindenwood ParkAppearance
13502/26/20221679Paddle Stop Brewery Grand Opening HashPaddle Stop Brewery, New Haven MOAppearance
13507/27/20221711Disco's Birthday trailSt. Vincent County ParkHasher
13602/22/20231754Get a Dos of HashingCompton Hill Reservoir ParkHasher