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Clifford the Big Red Pussy

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 54
Hares: 3
Virgin/Visitor: 0
Total Hashes: 57
Appearances: 7
Hare Percentage: 5.26%

103/30/2011929Help Me, I'm WetHare
204/06/2011930Bozo's Wet Dream and Ass Licking Prince, OH!Hasher
304/13/2011932Dewey and Disco AssHasher
404/20/2011933Sir Feck Me Rudolph/Icy PrincessTurtle ParkHasher
504/27/2011935DickSmithMismanagement ErectionsHasher
605/04/2011936Burning A$$hole & Witty Titty Carrot CommitteeUrban Wasteland #2Hasher
705/11/2011937Halley's Comet & SnatchsquatchBelleville, IL (aka BelleVegas)Hasher
805/14/2011938Stencho De MayoKirkwood, MOAppearance
805/18/2011939DIECIOCHO DE MAYO!Whiney BHasher
906/01/2011942PMS & Hummers Para LibreKirkwoodHasher
1006/11/2011944Fook Me RudolphDogtownHasher
1106/22/2011946Claim to Fame and I Like Big Bush & I Cannot LieLyon ParkHasher
1206/25/2011947The ASTOSOS hashCentreville, ILHasher
1306/29/2011948Free Mustache Rides & 2:19 From ChicagoHasher
1407/06/2011949Postage Tramp Bday!South CityAppearance
1407/09/2011950Whiney Bitch!Turtle ParkHasher
1507/13/2011951Fook Family Hash (Pumps, Rudy, & Uncle 2Fook)AfftonHasher
1607/20/2011952Purdy Mouf & Shit on My ChestTower Grove ParkHasher
1708/03/2011955Dewey Sexual System!Hasher
1808/24/2011960$5, $5, $5Near Southside!Hasher
2009/10/2011963Shot By A WhoreHasher
2109/14/2011964Cum It Out & F*ck Me PumpsWedding Pre Lube! (The Grove)Hasher
2209/21/2011965GladHeAteHer & Pees Like a PrincessCollinsville Bum Wine HashHasher
2309/28/2011967Rudy's Oktoberfest Trail.South CityHasher
2410/19/2011971ALPO, 2 F*ck Canuck,I Like Big Bush & I Cannot LieBirthday Trail & Mustache Contest!Hasher
2510/22/2011972$5, $5, $5HabitHash For Humanity (Old North City)Hasher
2610/26/2011973Bama Mate & Famous Anus Venison Stew Hash!Columbia, ILHasher
2710/29/2011974Hashoween Pub Crawl w/ Bozo's Wet Dream & ALPOOakvilleHasher
2811/02/2011975Norman BatesSouth CityHasher
2911/09/2011976Bozo's Wet Dream & 2:19 From ChicagoSouth CityAppearance
2911/16/2011978Locknut MonsterCreve CoeurHasher
3011/30/2011981Disco A$$ & Claim to FlameBrooklynHasher
3112/07/2011982Vixen (PFL), Blitzen (OCD) and Stinky ClausAn'al Xmas Lights HashHasher
3212/14/2011984Clifford The Big Red Pussy & $hits BricksLemayHare
3312/21/2011985Hollateral Damage & Keyless EntryHasher
3412/28/2011987TSA & Just AlexWest CountyAppearance
3401/18/2012991Genital Tort & International House of PenisHasher
3502/01/2012994PFL, OCD, Shoeless Hoe Jackson, and Stink PalmMaplehoodAppearance
3502/08/2012995Shit on My ChestWebster GrovesHasher
3702/25/2012999Genital Tort & Army of Dark WhoresCentral West EndHasher
3802/29/20121000Disco Ass & Postage TrampMidtownHasher
3903/07/20121001Fist in her Furry A$$ & Stink PalmClaytonHasher
4003/14/20121003GDR Prelube (McPostage, O'Rudy, 2:19)Benton ParkHasher
4103/17/201210042012 Green Dress RunDogtownHasher
4203/21/20121005Locknut MonsterBrentwoodHasher
4303/28/20121007Whiney Bitch & Norman BatesForest ParkHasher
4404/25/20121012Mismanagement Erections (Dewey Sexual System)Tropicana Lanes in BrentwoodHasher
4505/02/20121014LockNut MonsterSouth CityHasher
4605/09/20121015Whiney BitchSt. CharlesHasher
4705/30/20121020BJ and the Bucks (Five, that is)DowntownHasher
4806/06/20121021Shits Bricks and Douche SkywalkerHasher
4906/13/20121023Postage Tramp and Shits Jemima, Eh?Hasher
5006/20/20121024Dewey's Dirty Thirty w/Gladdy & G SpotLebowski Hash!Hasher
5106/27/20121026How Do You Like My Headlights NOW...(...and locknut)Appearance
5111/28/20121059Queefer, TrAInWreCK, Drip Dry and Just KylieHasher
5206/12/20131101Shits Jemima, Eh?Appearance
5208/28/2013111859 Minutes & Colorado Cock TeaseHasher
5309/04/20131119Goldicocks & HeadlightsGoldi's Birthday TrailHasher
5410/09/20131126Help Me I'm WetHasher
5510/16/201311282FC: Sex Offender Hash - Part DeuxIn a neighborhood near you...Hasher
5607/30/20141189Help Me I'm Wet & Clifford the Big Red Pu$$yBallwinHare
5708/20/20141194Dewey and HeadlightsBungle Pre-Lube: Fenton/Valley ParkHasher