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Diggity Diggity

Mr. Happy's (Tucson, AZ)

Hashes: 42
Hares: 3
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 46
Appearances: 2
Hare Percentage: 6.52%

112/02/2009826Rudy & DeweyVirgin/Visitor
212/09/2009827Locknut MonsterHasher
312/12/2009828ALPO & Just Chuck2nd Anal Burning Hare HashHasher
403/10/2010847McPostage O'Tramp & O'F*ck Me McRudolphGreen Dress Pre-LubeHasher
503/13/201084810th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
603/17/2010849Fist in Her Furry A$$ & Free Mustache RidesSt. Patrick's Day!Hasher
703/31/2010852Waldo's PimpTower Grove ParkHasher
804/07/2010853A$$ Licking Prince, Oh! and Mother AbrahamHasher
904/14/2010855Diggity, Mother Abraham, Garage and Fill-A-PenisSt. CharlesHasher
1004/28/2010858DMB, PMS and HummersChanges in LongitudeHasher
1105/05/2010859Senor Gladdy & Hummers Para Libre & Jorge-SpotCinco de Mayo w/our resident MexicansHasher
1205/08/2010860Stink Palm, Disco Ass and Dewey Sexual SystemStencho De MayoHasher
1305/12/2010861Whiney BitchSpring Park RambleHasher
1405/19/2010862LockNut Monster and F*uck Me RudolphBirthday trailHasher
1506/02/2010865Witty Titty Carrot Committee and Waldo's PimpHasher
1606/09/2010866PMS & Diggity DiggityCrestwoodHare
1706/12/2010867GladHeAteHer and Plot My G Spot3rd Annual Hobo HashHasher
1806/16/2010868Fill-A-Penis and Bozo's Wet DreamSouth CountyHasher
1906/23/2010869FMR/OCDDUPO, ILHasher
2006/30/2010871Mr. (Postage) T and Norman BatesHasher
2107/07/2010872The Funny Boob and Fiery Butt TrailHasher
2207/14/2010874Winey's Summer ScorcherHasher
2307/21/2010875SO SO and Diggity DiggityHi Pointe/Clayton/St. Louis, bitches!Hare
2408/11/2010879Diggity SquaredHare
2508/21/20108829th Annual Bungle in the JungleHasher
2608/25/2010883Adios, HammertongueTower GroveHasher
2708/28/2010884Gladdy's My HeroUniversity CityHasher
2909/25/2010890Dewey, Gladdy and G-Spot's Lebowski HashHasher
3009/29/2010891Roodles McToodles aka RUDYHasher
3110/06/20108922FC's Sex Offender Hash (You Know Who You Are!) -MaplehoodHasher
3210/20/2010895Famous and Bama's Annual Deer Stew HashColumbia, ILHasher
3310/30/2010897Meta Arsehole and SeizeHer Salad's Halloween PartyAppearance
3311/03/2010898PMS & Locknut Monster - Lampshade HashCentral West EndHasher
3411/10/2010899Veteran's Day HashHelp MeHasher
3511/13/2010900Disco Ass & Ass Licking Prince, OH!Heman ParkHasher
3611/17/2010901 Soulard SurprisePopeye, SO SO, and DeweyHasher
3712/01/2010904Fuck Me Rudolph and Dewey Sexual SystemDutchtown SouthHasher
3812/11/2010906Just Chuck and Ass Licking Prince3rd anal Burning Hare HashHasher
3902/26/2011922Dewey Sexual SystemDowntown(ish) St. LouisHasher
4005/28/20119414th Anal Hobo HashEdwardsvilleHasher
4109/07/2011962Catholic School Girl HashFeaturing Dewey & Bozo!Hasher
4209/08/20121042Orgy Cum Dumpster & The Palm that StinksOCD's 29th birthday!Appearance
4209/22/20121045$5 $5 $5Habitat for Hashmanity: Part DeuxHasher
4301/12/20131068Stink Palm & Bozo's Birthday TrailSushi Saturday!Hasher
4407/03/20131105Postage TrampBirthday Trail!Hasher
4509/28/20131124$5 $5 $5HabitHash 3Hasher
4609/27/20141202$5$5$5 - HabitHash For HumanitySpanish Lake (North County)Hasher