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Dusty Box

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 71
Hares: 2
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 74
Appearances: 0
Hare Percentage: 2.70%

110/28/2009819Whiney Beeotch's Hashoween Extravaganza!Virgin/Visitor
211/11/2009821Shot By A WhoreIt's 11-11! Make a Wish!Hasher
301/20/2010836Disco A$$ & So-SoKinlochHasher
402/03/2010839OCD, Stink Palm and Just KateHasher
503/03/2010846Duzzy Cum, Mother Theresa and Norman BatesHasher
603/10/2010847McPostage O'Tramp & O'F*ck Me McRudolphGreen Dress Pre-LubeHasher
703/31/2010852Waldo's PimpTower Grove ParkHasher
806/09/2010866PMS & Diggity DiggityCrestwoodHasher
906/16/2010868Fill-A-Penis and Bozo's Wet DreamSouth CountyHasher
1006/30/2010871Mr. (Postage) T and Norman BatesHasher
1108/11/2010879Diggity SquaredHasher
1208/25/2010883Adios, HammertongueTower GroveHasher
1309/08/2010886ALPO And Shot By A WhoreHasher
1409/15/2010888Catholic School Girls HashMeta, Jack Rabbit Slim, P-Genic, Seize Her SaladHasher
1509/22/2010889Fall in to Big-Hump...The Equinox HashWiney B1tchHasher
1609/29/2010891Roodles McToodles aka RUDYHasher
1710/13/2010894Jort Daniels and Disco A$$Hasher
1810/27/2010896World Peace Thru BeerLocknut, PMS & Postage TrampHasher
1911/03/2010898PMS & Locknut Monster - Lampshade HashCentral West EndHasher
2011/10/2010899Veteran's Day HashHelp MeHasher
2106/26/20131104PMS & HummersFentonHasher
2207/17/20131108Holy Thunder and FistyHasher
2307/31/20131111Disco AssHasher
2408/14/20131114PFL & GoldicocksLingerie Hash!Hasher
2509/04/20131119Goldicocks & HeadlightsGoldi's Birthday TrailHasher
2609/18/20131122Catholic School Girl w/G Tort and PenthouseHasher
2707/30/20141189Help Me I'm Wet & Clifford the Big Red Pu$$yBallwinHasher
2809/24/20141201Claim to Flame & Strap OnHasher
2910/01/20141203Locknut MonsterSouth CountyHasher
3010/22/20141207Disco AssHasher
3110/29/20141209LockNut's (and Disco Ass) Annual HashoweenHasher
3209/23/20151278Purple Muffin Stuffin' & Greg LooseAnusMaplewood Hasher
3309/30/20151280Disco Ass & Lack of OxygenThe GroveHasher
3410/07/20151281Lampshade Hash - PMS & Eye Swallow SoulardHasher
3510/14/20151283Puke Halt & 59 MinutesClaytonHasher
3611/04/20151287Purple Muffin Stuffin'Des PeresHasher
3712/02/20151293Headlights & Locknut Holiday HashHasher
3812/09/20151294Stinky ClauseHasher
3912/16/20151296Puke Halt & Fake Bake FvckHasher
4004/12/201713982 Fuck Canuck's 10 Year Hash AnalversaryMarlborough/Shrewsbury/AfftonHasher
4105/10/20171403Puke HaltHasher
4205/24/20171406LockNut & Headlights Bday TrailHasher
4305/31/20171408Cum On The RecordHasher
4406/07/20171409Psycho FillHer & Postage TrampDog TownHasher
4506/21/20171412Beaner Wiener & Disco AssDogtownHasher
4606/28/20171414Cum On The Record & Three Inch KingFentonHasher
4707/05/20171415Postage's Bday TrailHasher
4808/02/20171421Cunt Punt and Dusty BoxHare
4910/11/20171435Puke Halt & Just ZackLyon's Park - St. LouisHasher
5012/06/20171447Go Gay Hound & Just MikeHasher
5109/05/20181505Cock Family Hash - ACockalypse MeowDelmar LoopHasher
5209/19/20181508Catholic School Girl Hash w/ Dewey & Puke HaltWebster GrovesHasher
5310/24/20181515World Peace Through Beer w/ Cum SystemWasted on the steps of the U.N. building. Hasher
5411/07/20181518PMS & HummersGreen Park (South County)Hasher
5512/12/20181526Go GayhoundTower Grove SouthHasher
5612/26/20181529Fake Bake and Dusty BoxIremaicaHare
5706/19/20191565TSACentral Bank of St. Louis (Des Peres, MO)Hasher
5807/10/201915692nd Anal Licks' Birthday Trail: 69 Minutes of FunFrancis R Slay ParkHasher
5910/23/20191591WPTB/Fake Bake's 10 year analversary of hashingSublette ParkHasher
6006/02/20211623Purdy Mouth3843 Bamberger Ave St Louis MOHasher
6106/09/20211624Locknut: Unicorns on Trail8664 Olive Boulevard U-CityHasher
6206/23/20211627Dewey Birthday HashDeer Creek Park, Maplewood MOHasher
6306/30/20211629WhineyVago ParkHasher
6407/07/20211630Wood Record Lie to You (?)Grant's Trail Parking LotHasher
6507/21/20211633Hitchhiker's Guide to the HashSt. Ann, MOHasher
6608/04/20211636Strap On's National White Wine Day HashFlynn Park, U-CityHasher
6709/01/20211642Tazed and ConfusedRay Leisure Park St. Louis, MOHasher
6809/15/20211645ErectionsChinese Pavilion (obvi)Hasher
6910/06/20211649Cuntlery and Mr. Poopy ButtholeSt Louis Community College Merrimac South West parking lotHasher
7010/13/20211651TSA and Tazed Pumpkin 2kFrancis R Slay ParkHasher
7110/20/20211652Maybe It's Meth, But Definitely WhineyForest Park Picnic Pavilion #8Hasher
7211/10/20211656International Dicklomat's Philly Style HashBBQ SaloonHasher
7312/01/20211661Disco's Old Money HashLadue Chapel Presbyterian ChurchHasher
7412/08/20211662Methy Holidays HashKing ParkHasher