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Scrooge McFuck

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 29
Hares: 1
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 31
Appearances: 1
Hare Percentage: 3.23%

109/16/2009810Meta Arsehole, Pornogenic & Jack Rabbit SlimCatholic Schoolgirl Hash - Central West EndVirgin/Visitor
209/23/2009811Poostage Tramp & FartfignugenCrestwoodHasher
309/26/2009812Rudy & MotorWhore-AThe HillHasher
409/30/2009813Another Whiney Beeotch ProductionSt. CharlesHasher
510/14/2009816Eff Me Roudolph & Just AlyshaU. City/ClaytonHasher
610/21/2009817Bama Mate and Famous Anu$Columbia, IL (Bama's Famous Venison Stew Hash)Hasher
710/28/2009819Whiney Beeotch's Hashoween Extravaganza!Hasher
811/11/2009821Shot By A WhoreIt's 11-11! Make a Wish!Hare
911/18/2009823A$$-Licking Prince, OH! & Pu$$y FartWebster GrovesHasher
1012/02/2009826Rudy & DeweyHasher
1112/16/2009829Stinky Claus & Orgy the Cum-faced reinDeerChristmas Lights HashHasher
1212/23/2009830Jolly ol' St. Auggie & his elf, LilDickSmokerPub Crawl and Gift ExchangeHasher
1301/06/2010833Burning A$$hole and F*ck Me RudolphHasher
1401/20/2010836Disco A$$ & So-SoKinlochHasher
1501/23/2010837Cliff, Princess and GarageBirthday TrailHasher
1602/03/2010839OCD, Stink Palm and Just KateHasher
1702/24/2010844Shot By A Whore & Gay BladeHasher
1802/27/2010845Ho Hum & Seize Her SaladBig-Hump Goes to Hollywood: The Bet Payoff HashHasher
1903/03/2010846Duzzy Cum, Mother Theresa and Norman BatesHasher
2003/10/2010847McPostage O'Tramp & O'F*ck Me McRudolphGreen Dress Pre-LubeHasher
2103/13/201084810th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
2203/17/2010849Fist in Her Furry A$$ & Free Mustache RidesSt. Patrick's Day!Hasher
2303/27/2010851LockNut MonsterHasher
2403/31/2010852Waldo's PimpTower Grove ParkHasher
2504/10/2010854Shot By A WhoreHasher
2604/14/2010855Diggity, Mother Abraham, Garage and Fill-A-PenisSt. CharlesHasher
2704/21/2010856ElectionsCome out and vote!Hasher
2805/05/2010859Senor Gladdy & Hummers Para Libre & Jorge-SpotCinco de Mayo w/our resident MexicansHasher
2905/12/2010861Whiney BitchSpring Park RambleHasher
3007/28/2010877Disco's 21st Birthday TrailHasher
3109/15/2010888Catholic School Girls HashMeta, Jack Rabbit Slim, P-Genic, Seize Her SaladHasher
3210/30/2010897Meta Arsehole and SeizeHer Salad's Halloween PartyAppearance