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Tic Cock

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 15
Hares: 1
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 17
Appearances: 9
Hare Percentage: 5.88%

109/27/2008735End of the Summer Hash BashFlorissantVirgin/Visitor
210/01/2008736GladHeAteHer & Plot My G-SpotHasher
310/15/2008739Burning A$$hole & Strap On (clap, clap) Strap OffBeautiful Caseyville, ILHasher
410/22/2008740Famous Anus & FartfignugenHasher
510/25/200874125 Years of Hashing in St. LouisSt. Louis and Metro AreaHasher
610/29/2008742Lock Nut Monster & Full Service A$$ StationMONSTER BASH HASHHasher
711/05/2008743Help Me I'm Wet & StatueTory RapeHasher
811/12/2008745Sexorcist & Just TimHare
911/22/2008747The Shot, The Spot, The Heater and The SystemBig Lebowski Hash!Appearance
911/26/2008748Meta Arsehole & LockNut MonsterAppearance
912/13/2008751Help Me I'm Wet, Just Aaron & Just ChuckPere Marquette "Burning Hare"Appearance
912/31/2008755PMS & Ricky's Crab Shack & OCDHappy New Year!!!Hasher
1001/10/2009757Stink Palm & Burning A$$holeShrewsbury - The Three Towers Trail & Stinky's BirthdayAppearance
1001/14/2009758Stinky w/special appearances by DMB and TuTu!Birthdays! I'm talkin' DOWNtown!Appearance
1001/24/2009760Princess and Cliff and Garage A Trois' Birthdays!Appearance
1002/04/20097622 Fuck Canuck & Strap On Strap OffCentral West End - Alcholics Publicus HashHasher
1102/24/2009766Bama Mate, Meta Arsehole, 2FCanuck, Funny BoneHer Fat Tuesday Pub Crawl - SoulardHasher
1203/11/2009770McPostage O'Tramp & McFist in Her O'Furry A$$GDR Pre-Lube and Fisty's Birthday (Dogtown)Hasher
1303/14/20097719th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
1404/25/2009780Dirty Jeans & Fingerbone Robinson2nd Annual Hobo HashHasher
1504/29/2009781Mismanagement ErectionsAppearance
1505/13/2009784Burning A$$holeGuess what?! Another hash with no theme.Hasher
1606/03/2009788"Heaven & Hell" - Help Me, F-SAS, Stink PalmSouth County - near Ronnie's TheatreAppearance
1607/08/2009795Full Service, Fisty & HummersSt. Chuck - The PIONEER Happy TrailAppearance
1607/15/2009797Whiney Beeotch & LockNut Monster3rd Annual (anniversary of the) Record Breaker Hash!Hasher
1709/09/2009808Global Harriette Run - DMB & Gay Blade (GAYBLADE!)( . Y . ) Soulard ( . Y . ) !!GIRLS GONE WILD HASH!! ( . Y . )Hasher