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Cuffed the Great Orgasm

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 12
Hares: 0
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 13
Appearances: 4
Hare Percentage: 0.00%

106/25/2008714Help Me I'm Wet & Stink PalmTurtle ParkVirgin/Visitor
211/12/2008745Sexorcist & Just TimHasher
311/19/2008746Keyless Entry and Holateral DamageHasher
411/22/2008747The Shot, The Spot, The Heater and The SystemBig Lebowski Hash!Hasher
511/26/2008748Meta Arsehole & LockNut MonsterHasher
601/07/20097563rd Anal Hares and BaresHasher
701/10/2009757Stink Palm & Burning A$$holeShrewsbury - The Three Towers Trail & Stinky's BirthdayHasher
801/14/2009758Stinky w/special appearances by DMB and TuTu!Birthdays! I'm talkin' DOWNtown!Appearance
801/24/2009760Princess and Cliff and Garage A Trois' Birthdays!Appearance
802/04/20097622 Fuck Canuck & Strap On Strap OffCentral West End - Alcholics Publicus HashHasher
902/24/2009766Bama Mate, Meta Arsehole, 2FCanuck, Funny BoneHer Fat Tuesday Pub Crawl - SoulardHasher
1002/25/2009767Stink PalmWestportishHasher
1103/11/2009770McPostage O'Tramp & McFist in Her O'Furry A$$GDR Pre-Lube and Fisty's Birthday (Dogtown)Hasher
1203/14/20097719th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
1304/29/2009781Mismanagement ErectionsAppearance
1306/03/2009788"Heaven & Hell" - Help Me, F-SAS, Stink PalmSouth County - near Ronnie's TheatreAppearance
1307/01/2009794Postage Tramp's BirthdayArnoldHasher