Green Dress Run 2017
Big Hump Hash House Harriers

Friday 3/24/17 thru Sunday 3/26/17

Important Information about GDR:

Important Stuff!

Hash Hotel

Red Roof PLUS – Forest Park
5823 Wilson Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110


Glazier's Hall
5916 Wilson Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110


All the details like Who's Cumming, Schedule of Events, etc. can be found on the Hash Rego Event Page


  • Show-up to trail starting circle on time (we hate waiting for beer!)
  • Bring a drinking vessel
  • Bring a backup drinking vessel
  • Bring some beer with you for your hotel room, to enjoy in those rare moments when kegs aren't flowing
  • Be nice & not creepy to the other hotel guests (we need a place to sleep!)
  • Be nice & not creepy to the other hashers. Looking is very different than touching.
  • If you need something, ask a Big Hump-er or Big Hump Mismanagement. We're happy to assist with reasonable requests


  • Don't bring will be kicked out! (glitter clean up fees are expensive)
  • Don't be a nuisance to the other guests at the hotel (we need a place to sleep!)
  • Don't wreck things that aren't yours. Rego money is for beer, not to pay for broken things
  • Don't bring will be kicked out!

Trail Details

Big Hump is a true Drinking Club With A Running Problem! Our hares will provide shitty trails each day to please even the most unpleasable half-minds.
For the racists, there will be plenty of pavement to pound and FRB status to achieve.
For the walkers, rollers and intoxicated slowpokes, there will be a trail just for you. Maybe even your own hares, if they don't get too drunk?!
Specifics of each trail below (remember though...never trust the hare)

Friday Trail
6:00pm at Glazier's Hall parking lot

Check your ass into the hotel, grab a drink and circle up for a short-ish trail before dinner.

Beaner Wiener and Colorado Cocktease will lead the turkeys and eagles on a fun-filled romp, in search of beer. There may be one or more Death Bridge(s) of Death?!? There may be beer halt(s), puke halts(s), and definitely general shenanigans.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Cow Cock and Lez Dispenser will guide the walkers, rollers and stumblers on your own trail, locked & loaded with your own beer & booze-filled adventure.

Saturday Trail
11:30am at Glazier's Hall parking lot

It's a Locknut and PMS Adventure© so buckle up and hold on tight! Saturday, we'll chase the beer truck and maybe stop in the park for a snack.

PMS will be leading the walkers & rollers on a short (pun intended) adventure through the mean streets of St. Louis.

Locknut Monster will be taking the more adventurous pack through some sort of hellish nightmare that only he could dream up (ok, it won't be THAT bad!).

Sunday Trail
11:00am at Red Roof Inn parking lot

If you still have movement left in your limbs, join Licks & Sticks and Splash Mount 'Em for a St. Louis H3-hosted trail. Our hares are transplants or on some sort of prison work release or something, so expect to get lost and maybe get drunk again.

Registration Info

Registering for GDR 2017 is easy (even for half-minds) if you follow the 3 simple steps below!

IMPORTANT: We must receive your payment within THREE DAYS of your online rego, otherwise your order will be deleted and you will need to re-register (possibly at a higher price). No exceptions. With all the various forms of payment we accept, this should not be an issue.

Step 1 → Register

We’re using HashRego for GDR2017. Click the button below to get signed up. All the event info and the “Who’s Cumming” list are also on this site.

Click to Register »

Step 2 → Pay

How much you need to pay:
     3/1/2017 thru 3/17/2017: $130current price
Price changes happen at midnight Central Time Zone

Option 1
  Cash or Check
Hand deliver cash or check to Claim to Flame, Ice Princess, or Hash Cash
Pay with Square at a hash (pay Hash Cash person)
Mail a check to:
     Angela O’Hanlon
     9544 Plainfield Drive
     St. Louis, MO 63119

Option 2
  PayPal with NO FEES:
  1. Go to PayPal website and login to your personal account
  2. Use the "Send Money to Friends & Family" option
  3. Send your payment to this email address:
    (add a note with your hash name)

Option 3
  PayPal WITH $3 processing fee:

Step 3 → Reserve Hotel

Red Roof PLUS – Forest Park
5823 Wilson Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

Check In 3:00pm / Check Out 11:00am

We have a block of 35 rooms. Our rate is $110.49/night for one king bed or $118.99/night for two full beds.
These rates are only guaranteed thru 2/24/2017

For group rate, you must CALL them at 314-645-0101. Our Group Code is B135BIGHUM

PLEASE be nice and patient when calling to make reservations. They will likely get a lot of calls at once. We don't need any bad mojo from our host hotel!

If we run out of rooms at RR, we have 8 at the Holiday Inn next door (314-645-0700).
Rate is $125/night for single queen. Must be booked by 3/3/17.
Reference "Big Hump Block" or code "BHR".